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Artist - 6.00 USD
Artist - John Constable - The Stour Valley - Coffee Sleeve #1
Price 6.00 USD
"The Stour Valley" is the first sleeve in the series from the works of John Constable, 1776-1837. Print the sample and see how it formats nicely around a cup. Of course yours will have your business info and won't have the watermark. Convo text for all selected variations. The inside promo may be text or image combination. I'll reply with a sample image containing your business info to verify. Font variations may not be available but requests are considered. Allow a minimum of 4 weeks to process custom orders. Larger QRCodes are recommended to work best with most Readers. Codes are expected to be unique for each sleeve. Parameters should be provided for auto-generation. I have always had a passion for the old English countryside. Having ancestral origins from Wales, the stories of Camelot, Arthur and his knights have held a special place in my heart. Many of Constable's paintings help re-ignite my imagination taking me nearer to those Medieval Days. The sleeve is reversible with sample images of other sleeves offered by Cafe Projections in the inside. Made to fit 12oz - 16oz coffee cups, bar glasses and paper stadium cups. Great to keep away the heat, keep in the cold longer and keep the sweat off the hand. Introductory price. Until this sleeve is in regular production, expect approximately 4 weeks to deliver. The sleeve inside will contain textual information about the painting and John Constable. Keep our planet Green; say NO to paper coffee sleeves; say YES to reusable fabric sleeves. I use mine every day with my reusable coffee cup. Have a design of your own you want made into a fabric custom sleeve? Convo me. I'll make it fit nicely 'round. Got a business? Wear it on your sleeve! I'll add your business logo to any of my sleeves. Want to add more info, use the inside and write a paragraph or two.
Coffee Sleeve Cozy Reversible John Constable The Stour Valley Custom Cotton Print Supplies
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Custom Fabric Coffee Sleeve for a Gift or Marketing - 5.00 USD
Custom Fabric Coffee Sleeve for a Gift or Marketing - 10 Only at this price
Price 5.00 USD
SPECIAL OFFER - Custom Reversible Fabric Coffee Sleeve This special order is for 1 coffee sleeve which is made from 2 11x4in 150 dpi images that you provide to me. I will then : Format the images Print the fabric Manufacture the coffee sleeve And ship the finished product to you
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